TIPS: Do any airlines offer senior discounts?

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Posted By: Sofia Jonas

While booking a flight for an elderly person, you must know that they are provided a senior citizen discount if they are above the mentioned age limit. Passengers can apply for the discount online through the official website or by calling customer service, but they have to make sure to provide a government-issued document for age proof. For more information on the senior citizen discount, you can speak to a live person. If you are wondering, "Which airline gives a discount to senior citizens?" then below is mentioned a list of all the airlines:

  • Delta Airlines.
  • United Airlines.
  • Air France.
  • American Airlines.
  • British Airways.

Which airline is best for senior citizens?

Delta Airlines offers one of the best in-flight services and premium seats, giving a comfortable flight experience for senior citizens. The discount offered by the airline for citizens is up to 15%. In addition to it, the airlines also offer special assistance for the passengers so that they do not face any issues while traveling with the airline. You can easily make a flight reservation with the airline using the senior citizen discount through the official website or by calling customer service.

How much discount do senior citizens get?

The discount offered for Senior citizens may differ based on the airline through which you will make the reservation and the destination you are flying to. The airlines allow discounts between 5% to 20% and up to $150. To get further information about the senior citizen discount or any other services, get a hold of customer service.

What are senior citizen discount policies?

Every airline has made some rules & regulations for senior citizens' discounts, and to get better information, you can read their policy. Below are some of the common policies of the airlines regarding senior citizens:

  • You can apply this discount for one-way and round-trip tickets.
  • The discount is only applicable on certain routes and destinations. 
  • The minimum age required to get a senior citizen discount is 60. However, it may also vary depending on the airline.
  • Passengers need to add a document to verify their age while making the reservation.
  • If the age of the passenger is younger or if they failed to give the requested document, then the discount will waver off, and have to pay the original price of the ticket.
  • After applying the senior citizen discount, the passenger cannot cancel or correct the name on the ticket.

How to make a flight reservation using a senior citizen discount?

For any passenger who wants to make a flight reservation with the airline using the senior citizen discount, the online method is the most effective way. You need to enter the information on the display and follow the steps. If you want to learn the complete process for making the reservation online, then follow the given instructions:

  • Head to the airline's webpage or mobile application.
  • Write down the destination details and choose a date for the flight's departure.
  • Add the number of passengers and fill out the other required details.
  • Then, you have to pick from the available flights.
  • Apply the senior citizen discount coupons through the "Voucher or Coupons" section.
  • Make the payment for your ticket and provide a relevant document for age proof. 

What is the senior citizen rule for flying?

Now a time there are not many airlines offering senior citizen discounts and many people do not have any idea about "What the senior citizen rules for flying?". The age of the passenger has to be more than 60 and they must be able to provide a document like a passport or driving license to verify the age.

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