Can United Airlines Miles be used for Hotels? Redeem Point For Hotels

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United Airlines alone flies to around 210 destinations in the USA and offers international flights to more than 120 destinations outside the country. You can reserve luxurious hotels using United Miles when availed of MileagePlus award programs. The number of United Airlines miles used for hotels will vary and depend on the actual costs of top-class hotel rooms. So, you can check the exact number of United Airlines miles required for hotel bookings during air travel. Also, for every $1, you will get around 2 miles, which you can use to book hotels of your choice.

How Do I Redeem United Airlines Points for Hotels?

You can book any hotel room with United Airlines Miles only after redeeming them successfully. With the correct online steps, you can redeem United Airlines points for hotels and enjoy the services soon. But, while saving the United Airlines Miles, you should have proper web access and follow the given online instructions.

  • Visit the United Airlines official page at or its mobile app.
  • Get through the Mileage Plus accounts and log in to your accounts with your Mileage Plus number and password.
  • Once you have logged into your accounts, you can redeem the number of available miles, which can be used for hotel reservations.
  • You can check the miles required for a hotel reservation when the miles are redeemed.
  • Thus, you can redeem United Airlines Miles through MileagePlus accounts.

( Online ) How Can I Book a Hotel Room with United Miles?

Hotel room booking with United Airlines Miles can be easy when you know the process sufficiently. Through the below necessary guides, you can easily reserve hotel rooms with available United Miles.

  • Initially, you should reach the United Airlines Home Page or its associated mobile app.
  • Under the MileagePlus menu bar, you can tap on the "MileagePlus deals and offers" options.
  • You can now choose the hotel booking options through United Miles.
  • Enter the destination details, check-in, and check-out times from the given options.
  • Tick on the United MileagePlus miles options to book the hotels.
  • Search the hotel after choosing one room or more of the given options according to your choice.
  • When several hotel details are available, you can choose the best one and make payments using MileagePlus miles.

Can I Convert my United Miles to Marriott Points?

United Airlines allows you to convert your MileagePlus Miles into Marriott Bonvoy Points. When you convert the available United Miles into Marriott points, you should join the Marriott Bonvoy memberships to redeem the converted miles. In addition, only 1 or even 2 miles can be availed of for each $1 spent and converted at a rate of 3 points per mile. For instance, if you want to transfer the Mileage Plus Miles into the Marriott Bonvoy points, you can move at a rate of 1 to 1 ratio every calendar year only when you have 1,00,000 United MileagePlus Miles.

However, conversions of 1,00,000 MileagePlus Miles into Marriott Bonvoy points are only possible when you are an active MileagePlus Premier member. After conversions with MileagePlus Miles, you can book hotels with Marriott hotels before United's departure and earn the miles for future travel. Further, you can call the Marriott Bonvoy customer agents at 1-800-450-4442 or +1-800-367-6453 and inquire about how to enroll their accounts to get points.

Transfer Hilton Points to United Airlines Miles:

You can also convert the Hilton points into United Airlines MileagePlus Miles at a ratio of 10,000 points to 1,000 award-winning Miles. To convert the Hilton points into miles, you should be a member of Hilton Honors. You can transfer the Hilton points into United MileagePlus Miles with the following procedures:.
First, you should enroll yourself at

  • After enrolling on the Hilton Honors web page, you can sign in to your Hilton accounts with your email and the correct passwords.
  • You can now go to the exchange sections of the Hilton Honors accounts.
  • Now, convert the points into miles only as per the rules.
  • Thus, particular Hilton points will be converted into specific United Airlines MileagePlus miles. 
  • To get more details about the Hilton Honors points, you can even reach the customer agents at 1-800-4HONORS/1-800-446-6677 and get clarification about the Hilton Honors points.
  • Therefore, you can refer and take the benefits of United MileagePlus Miles into hotel booking and exchange with Marriott Bonvoy or Hilton Honors points.

Can You Transfer United Miles To Hyatt? 

United Airlines provides several benefits to mileage-plus members and enables miles holders to redeem their existing miles during their stay at Hyatt. Though miles cannot be transferred to Hyatt, travelers are eligible to earn award miles if they stay at Hyatt. Now, since the situation is a little confusing, let it get this way: though there is a partnership between World of Hyatt and United Airlines, the transfer of miles is still not possible. United provides an additional 5000 points to customers who convert their 50,000 points to 20,000 miles. 

How Do I Transfer Unired Miles To Hyatt?

Now, since it is already clear that it is not possible to transfer United Miles to the Hyatt Hotel, customers can still have the option to convert their Hyatt points to United Miles. Hyatt offers travelers 500 award miles for staying at any of their locations. It must be noted that Hyatt usually converts points to miles at a ratio of 2:5. 

Where Can I Earn Hyatt Points? 

Customers are liable for earning Hyatt points and converting to United Miles at any of the below-mentioned options:

Park Hyatt / Grand Hyatt / Hyatt Regency / Hyatt Andaz / Hyatt Centric / Hyatt place / Hyatt House / Hyatt Ziva / Hyatt Zilara

How Long Can You Transfer United Miles To Hyatt? 

Travelers must make sure that they are converting or using their existing miles points during their expiration period. Though United miles do not have expiry dates, Hyatt points can be used anytime within 2 years of being issued. 

What is the process of converting Hyatt points to United Miles?

Customers can refer to the following procedure to convert Hyatt points to United Miles: All issues related to miles can be sorted by connecting over the phone: 1-888-344-9288.

  • Visit the United Airlines website.
  • Login to your existing MilePlus account.
  • You must click on the link stating, "Convert Hyatt points to miles."
  • You will be redirected to another page.
  • Follow all the instructions displayed after filling out mandatory information.
  • Press convert. 

What is the procedure for using miles earned by staying at Hyatt? 

Travelers who have collected award points after staying at Hyatt can use them while making new flight reservations. These customers can go through the pointers mentioned below to use their miles:

  • Visit the United Airlines website. 
  • To book a ticket, you must fill in data like travel dates, the number of travelers, and flight details like origin and destination.
  • As you click on the find flights option, you will be shown all the options.
  • Select the preferred flight option and insert traveler information.
  • Once you are connected to the payment page, you must make a selection of mileage options to book your tickets.
  • Finally, your tickets will be booked, and you will be informed. 

What are the other ways of using United Miles? 

Travelers do not have a limitation on booking tickets using United Miles; they can even make use of them for the following important purposes:

  1. Travelers can book or even upgrade to their preferred seats on United Airlines.
  2. Existing miles can be used to add luggage. 
  3. TSA precheck fees can be paid using United Miles.
  4. Airport or in-flight dining can be purchased using miles. 


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