[Reimbursement] Does Southwest offer Compensation for Delays?

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Posted By: Charles Lawvens

Annotation of Southwest Airlines Compensation for Delayed Flights:

Southwest Airlines is one of the few airlines that offers the best flight options and a comfortable travel experience to various destinations worldwide. Indeed, the exemplary team with the airline ensures that you have seamless travel with the airline once the reservation is made. Under the same circumstances, there can be instances when there is a delay in the airline's flight schedule. If and when such a scenario arises, Southwest Airlines ensures that it provides the necessary support and compensation.
Peruse the content on Southwest Airlines' delay compensation policy and process to better understand how to initiate the process with the team.

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(PROCESS) How Do I Get Compensation for a Delayed Southwest Flight?

In circumstances where there has been a significant delay in the flight, you get Southwest Airlines compensation for the delayed flight in accordance with the time and extent of the delay. You can easily get compensation for the delayed flight with Southwest Airlines through the online portal. The methodology that needs to be followed to access the compensation request form with the airline is:

  1. Skim over the main page of Southwest Airlines. 
  2. Navigate to the page to find the Help Center link.
  3. Click on it to access the contact information page. 
  4. From the choices provided, choose the delayed or canceled flight link. 
  5. On the next page, select the compensation request link provided. 
  6. The compensation request form will be shown.
  7. Fill in all the necessary details and submit.
  8. The team would look into it and process the compensation request. 

Details on Southwest Airlines Compensation Policy:

There are certain aspects of the Southwest Airlines compensation policy that you need to adhere to in case you would like to apply for a refund. The specifications of the same are stated here for you to comprehend:

You are entitled to a full or partial refund from the airline team under Southwest Airlines compensation for a delayed flight under conditions of disruption in the flight itinerary as part of the reservation made. 

The airline's compensation will even include a food voucher and a free stay at the hotel as part of the complimentary benefit of the delay. 
Under conditions where there has been a delay in the flight without any prior notification, the team will ensure transportation and compensation, with the provision of booking the next available flight with Southwest Airlines. 

For bookings that have been made through a travel agency, the airline cannot be held responsible for the compensation that needs to be paid. You need to connect with the agent to process the compensation request. 

How Long Does a Flight have to be Delayed for Compensation, Southwest?

There is a specific time frame within which you would be eligible for compensation from Southwest Airlines. Thus, a minimum of three hours of delay needs to be there on the flight, which would help you to apply for compensation with the team. Depending on the length of the delay, the total amount given as compensation would vary. Thus, an average of 150 to 400 USD would be given as compensation, apart from the food and travel vouchers provided. 

How is Southwest Compensating People?

Suppose you have a booking with Southwest Airlines, and your flight has been delayed significantly or canceled due to reasons that Southwest Airlines controls. In that case, if you stay overnight away from home, you will get Southwest compensation for meals, hotel stays, and ground transportation to/from the hotel. Besides, if you spend on meals while experiencing a wait for three or more hours or the airline initiated cancelation, you can ask for reimbursement. You must submit your contact information, flight information, and copies of the expense receipt for proof.

What is Southwest's Reimbursement Policy?

Southwest Airlines provides reimbursement if your flight is delayed for 3 hours or more within airline control (mechanical problem or aircraft swap) or the airline initiated cancelation within airline control, resulting in waiting for a flight airport for 3 hours or more. 

Southwest Airlines will provide you with a meal voucher at your request for participating vendors at the airport. If participating vendors or vouchers are unavailable, you will get reimbursement for meals you purchased during the irregular operations. 

In case Southwest airline's flight accommodations departing on the same day to the destination or the applicable co-terminal city are unavailable, cause delay or cancelation, which is within Southwest Airlines' control, resulting in the unscheduled overnight delay or staying when the itinerary does not include overnight layover, you will get reimbursement for lodging accommodation. 

If the lodge accommodations do not provide a shuttle to/from the airport, you can request a voucher for ground transportation. 

If the delay or cancelation is not under Southwest Airlines' control, they will not provide lodge accommodation but can help you with discounted accommodation. 

Southwest Compensation for Canceled Flight?

If your Southwest Airlines flight is canceled and you don't prefer the alternative options, you can cancel the flight and ask for compensation. You can get compensation in the form of a refund using the chosen payment method or ask for travel credit that can be used to travel in the future. You are also eligible for reimbursement for the expenses you made for meals, lodge accommodations, and ground transport. To get reimbursement, go to the refund page on the Southwest Airlines website. There, you can access the requests for reimbursement form and submit the receipt for the expense you made.

Conclusion: The airline provides compensation if your flight is significantly delayed or canceled within airline control. For more information about 'Southwest compensation,' talk to Southwest Airlines customer service or visit the website directly. 

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