How To Change Passengers Name on Southwest Airlines?

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Learn about the Details of Southwest Airlines' Name Change

A passenger with the name on the government-authorized identity proof matching that on the ticket shall be allowed to travel with Southwest Airlines. If it doesn't, you can't even enter the airport. Thus, if your ticket has a misspelled name or there are other mistakes, you can make the changes to the passenger's name. For the same, you may read through the details as mentioned in the article below. 

Can You Change the Passenger Name on a Southwest Airlines Ticket?

Yes, if the name on the ticket is misspelled or due to other reasons you are looking to change the name, you can go through the process. For this, you must read through the guidelines and policies: 

  • Changes and Modifications to three characters can only be done with the booking you have with Southwest Airlines. 
  • A complete change following the reselling of the ticket to another person is also not allowed. 
  • Changes to the last name due to marriage or divorce shall be done upon providing relevant documents to the airline. 
  • The addition of a middle name can be done without having to pay the change fee for the process. 

How Do You Change A Passenger Name on Southwest Airlines?

A passenger's name on the ticket can be completed online and the call process. You may choose to change the name of the passenger upon going through the detailed process and then making the changes to the same. 

ONLINE- The booking you have with Southwest Airlines, the passenger's name can be easily changed. The steps for the same are as follows: 

  • Reach on, the official website of Southwest Airlines. 
  • On the homepage, click on the Change/ Cancel option. 
  • Enter the first and last name of the passenger and the confirmation number of the booking so that you may retrieve the booking and mark it on the Change flight option. 
  • On the booking summary page, tap on the change, and from the drop-down, select the name change option. 
  • Make the changes, and once done, if required, pay for the same. If you are done, you shall then receive a confirmation email address from the airline. 

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CALL- The changes you want can be done through the call process. You may choose to dial the contact number, 1 800 435 9792, and then communicate with an executive upon following through with the given call instructions for assistance: 

  • Dial the number and select a language as needed. 
  • Once you get the IVR, listen carefully to them and then find the solution when the executive connects.

Southwest Airlines Name Change Fee

Southwest Airlines shall charge between $80 to $200, which shall enable you to make the changes to the passenger's name. The fare shall vary from one ticket to another, depending on various factors, like fare rules of the ticket, booking class, etc.

Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy  

 While making a reservation, suppose you filled in the details quickly and misspelled your name; now, you need to change it before creating a mess. To know more about the Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy walk through the below-mentioned steps: 

  • Southwest offers the facility to passengers to correct their names up to four characters. 
  • If you are a member of the rapid rewards program of Southwest, then your ticket is not eligible for a name change.  
  • To change the name on the ticket, firstly, you need to cancel the ticket with the incorrect name. 
  • The transfer of issued tickets is prohibited by Southwest Airlines. 
  • Passengers need to pay the name change fee as well as the fare difference (if applicable). 
  • As you finish requesting to correct your name,  you need to do the seat selection process again.  

Southwest Airlines Name Correction

Other than the name change, there is one more approach that is allowed by the airlines, which is name correction. A passenger can readily do Southwest Airlines Name Correction by visiting the website of Southwest Airlines or using the customer service helpline number. Southwest Airlines allows their passengers to correct name only up to 4 characters, in the first name, middle name, or last name of the passenger. The 4 characters' corrections will be counted as a combination done in first name, second name, and last name. If you need any other help, you can communicate with the customer service of Southwest Airlines at a suitable time. 

Southwest Cost To Change Name on Ticket 

According to the Southwest name change policy, a passenger needs to transfer some money that they are entitled to. To Avoid Southwest cost to change the name on the Ticket, you must follow these below-mentioned points: 

If a passenger requests name correction within 24 hours of reservation, they must pay USD 150. In addition, the representative may need some documental proof to avoid future hurdles. 
If a passenger is connecting with Southwest Airlines to correct the name after  24 hours of reservation, then they need to make a payment of 200 USD. After the name correction, the ticket will go through the re-issue process, and the passenger may have to pay the fare difference as well.  

Particulars Concerning Southwest Airlines Change Birth Dates

Last-minute hassle is common before taking a flight!! Various factors tend to form a Cruz when you make a booking with an airline to fly. The most common error that gets made when booking is an error in the details entered during booking. Most airlines allow you to make minor modifications wherever necessary. Indeed, Southwest Airlines is very accommodating to your needs and would thus help you make the changes in the birth date submitted to the team. 

Check the details of the process involved in changing the Southwest Airlines birth date and the additional information. 

What happens if you put the Wrong Birthday on a Southwest Plane Ticket?

To successfully get through the check-in security level at the airport and board the flight, all the details entered in the reservation made with the airline must be correct. The officials at the airport check through it to verify and authenticate your identity. So, the correct date of birth needs to be present on the booking made with the airline. 

How Do I Change My Birthday on the Southwest Reservation?

The best mode that you can use to make changes to the birth date entered on the Southwest reservation would be through the modes explained below:

Using a call:

A direct call can be placed with the airline's customer support team at 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-800-435-9792), where a representative will be assigned to you. Once connected, provide the details of the birth date error in the booking made so that they can help with the required assistance and support. Follow all the instructions given so that the problem is successfully solved. 

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Via the official website:

It is also possible to make changes to the incorrectly entered birth date with an airline using the online portal. The method that you can adopt for the same is:

  • Peruse the official website of Southwest Airlines.
  • Search on the page to find the Flight icon at the top end. 
  • Tap on it to access the drop-down choices.
  • Choose the Manage Reservations link given. 
  • Type the details of the confirmation number and the name. 
  • The booking page will be retrieved as needed. 
  • Find the flight booking made with the airline.
  • Check the menu list to discover and edit passenger details. 
  • Make the changes to the birth date. 
  • Submit it by making a payment, if any. 
  • A confirmation email will be shared.
  • Visit the airport.

The change to the date of birth with the airline can also be requested by directly visiting the airport. You need to go to the airport ticket office for the same. Herein, you can provide information related to the concern faced so that the staff can provide the assistance needed. 

Does Southwest Charge To Change a Birth Date?

The amount that you would need to pay as part of the Southwest Charge to change your birth date depends extensively on the fare class chosen, the destination the airline is traveling to, and the total distance that would be traveled. Indeed, the birth date change fee also fluctuates depending on the time at which the request for the change was made by you with the airline's team. The changes, much closer to the departure date, tend to be more costly than before. 

Will you be allowed to board the flight with an incorrect birth date?

It entirely depends on the airline if they will allow you to board the flight with the incorrect birth date on the boarding pass. Indeed, if you are not able to correct the date of birth with Southwest Airlines, you can try to request it from the staff present at the airport ticket counter.

A Guide to Changing Seats on Southwest Airlines

Any passenger unsatisfied with their seat or wanting to sit next to their friends or family to get a better experience can always choose their desired seat. Southwest Airlines has a first come, first served rule, and you can only select it through the check-in process. If you want to book the preferred seat, then it is recommended that you use the online method because the web check-in starts 24 hours before the departure. For any assistance or details, communicate with the representative, and they will get you the answer.

How Can I Change Seats at Southwest Airlines?

There are various methods available to change your seat by completing the check-in process, including the online mode, the Kiosk device, and the airline counter. Read the below information to learn more about these methods and their processes: 

Via the official webpage/mobile application: The first and most effective method for Southwest Airlines seat changes is through web check-in. To use this method, open "Check-in" on the official webpage or the mobile application and fill out the details. After choosing the seat, download the boarding pass. Go through the steps mentioned to check in online:

  • Visit the official mobile application or the official Southwest Airlines webpage.
  • Go to the "Check-in" section on the menu.
  • Type the "Confirmation Number" along with your "First and Last Name" as mentioned on the ticket. 
  • Add any services to your ticket and choose from the available seats.
  • Pay the final amount and save the boarding pass to your device.

Self-check-in Kiosk - Avoid the long queues at the airport and change your seat with a Southwest Airlines self-check-ineck-in Kiosk device at the airport. Enter the necessary flight details on the device and select the desired flight based on availability. Follow the steps on your screen and collect the boarding pass.

Check-in Counter: When you cannot change your seat through the online method or the kiosk, the option to visit the check-in counter at the airport is available. Share the flight details and other requested information with the executive, and then they will provide details on all the available seats. You can select your preferred seat and get your boarding pass.

How is Southwest Changing its Seating?

Southwest Airlines is planning to redesign its aircraft with new seats and refreshed cabins. Next year, the airline will have new Recaro seats that are slimmer and lighter. The seats will have a deep blue-toned color and a headset cushion, along with an electronic device holder.

What is the Fee for Changing Seats on Southwest Airlines?

The airline is very strict with their starting price, and there is no Southwest Airlines seat change fee, so you can select your preferred seat for free. You are allowed to make changes to your reservation without paying any extra charges up to 10 minutes before departure. To get any additional information, reach out to the live executive, who will help you.


To begin with, the customer service team of Southwest Airlines is active and down to earth. If you are dealing with the hurdle of changing your name, this post will help you collect all the minute details about the name change policy, name correction parameters, and the cost to change the name. If you need more details, you can visit the website of the Southwest.

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