[Rules & Policies]: Can you fly while Pregant on Delta Airlines?

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Posted By: Sofia Jonas

Women want to fly during pregnancy, so airlines impose some restrictions or limitations, although airlines like Delta Airlines have more flexibility to travel while pregnant. Other than that, there is no requirement for your medical documents to book a ticket. Delta Airlines' pregnancy policy provides guidelines that a person with a pregnancy condition must follow while booking or traveling on a flight. If you want to learn the policies and regulations that Delta has offered for the reservation of pregnant ladies, kindly go through this line below.

  • Under Delta Airlines' pregnancy policy, pregnant women can easily travel in any fare class they want, with no restrictions. 

  • When making a flight reservation, one must coordinate with the doctor before the flight journey if the date of delivery is within four weeks.
  • You must communicate with the travel company responsible for completing your travel journey.  Inform them about your condition so they can take precautions.
  • Bring all the documents to the airport, as you may require them. Remember that all medical documents are attested by the doctors and hospital. 
  • Pregnant women can't choose fire exit seats on a plane. 

Does Delta have a pregnancy policy?

Yes, it does. Delta Airlines has one of the finest and most flexible pregnancy guidelines for pregnant passengers. If you want to know more about their policy, contact Delta Airlines' customer service or visit the help page at delta.com. 

What are the rules for flying while pregnant?

  • Delta advises avoiding air travel during pregnancy in the last month or week post-delivery. 
  • At the time of booking the flight, the passenger should provide a health certificate, and after reaching the airport,
  • In the case of pregnancy, it is not permissible for the airline to choose any exit row seat. 
  • As per the rules, if special assistance, such as oxygen supplies or a wheelchair, is needed, you must inform Delta Airlines at least 2–3 days before the flight departure.

Do you have to tell airlines that you are pregnant?

Yes, it’s necessary to inform the airline about your pregnancy condition so that they can make arrangements accordingly to make a comfortable and safe journey for you and your baby. 

What is the cutoff for pregnancy on Delta?

Although Delta has no restrictions on traveling pregnant ladies, there is a cut-off that Delta has been given to passengers with this condition. Here, if the A passenger is under 35 weeks of their pregnancy, they are allowed to fly on Delta Airlines. Still, those above this line are either not permissible to fly or, in special conditions, they can fly under the guidance of a doctor only. 

Call Delta officials to seek support regarding the pregnant flight reservation.

People can travel during pregnancy, and if they need any help or guidance, they can speak to an agent. If you have made a reservation with Delta Airlines, you can speak to a representative by dialing 880 221 1212. Your call will be connected to Delta's hotline, where an agent will talk to you, and you can share any concerns or requests related to pregnant passengers. 

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