[Guide]: Google couldn't verify account belongs to you

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Posted By: Sofia Jonas

In the event that a Google user account has been deleted or hacked,. So, they might be wondering, "What do you do if Google cannot verify your account?" since they are trying to recover their Google account. In this condition, people can use other tips, like other phone numbers and recovery email addresses that they used earlier in their account. Here are some steps given below to verify your Google account:

  • You need to protect your data and verify your identity, for which you can add two-step verification to your Google account and wait for a minimum of 7 days; then, it might be helpful for the verification of your Google account.
  • Google users can also add a recovery phone number and try to verify their account, for which they must wait seven days, and if they fail to do so, then they can try again.
  • People can try to sign in to their Google account on their mobile device through the Google or Gmail account and can wait for at least seven days for the results.

How do you verify the Google account that belongs to you?

If you are setting up your Google account with a non-Google email, then Google will send the verification code to the email address they used to create their account. So, they need to verify their Google account; if a user fails to do so, then use the given information:

  • While the user is creating his account, he will receive the verification code in the email, so he can use that code to verify his Google account.
  • If you have added any phone number to your Google account, then you can get the verification code on that particular number to verify your Google account.

How do I prove ownership of my Google account?

If a user doesn't know about his Google or Gmail login details, so they are facing log-in issues. In this situation, the users will need to proceed with the Google account recovery procedure, wherein the user must remember the name of their Google account. You can receive the verification code on the associated phone number and email address to prove your ownership of your Google account. After using the Account recovery tool, you can use Google Authenticator to get the codes. Still, if you are facing verification issues, then connect with the Google customer support team.

Why does Google keep asking me to verify my account?

Sometimes, people face an issue regarding their Google account that they get a frequent notification to verify their Google account. In this case, the user can also reach out to Google Customer Service to fix this issue or there may be some reasons behind it. When Google finds some unusual activity on your account or detects some hacking, then they notify the user to verify their account for the confirmation of identity. Another reason for verifying your Google account again can be security reasons or when someone has listed your phone number in their Google account or used it in the verification of your Google account.

Why Google needs more info to verify its you?

While Google has millions of users, Google must secure each account. To ensure the users' accounts are safe, Google asks you to provide multiple information before verifying that the account is yours. Google does this to provide multiple layers of security for your account and protect it from hackers who may damage it, and that is why they ask you to give more information. Besides, providing enough information also helps during Google account recovery when required. 

How to keep your Google account secure?

You can keep the Google account secure by following these steps carefully: 

  • To begin, go to the security checkup page and get personalized security recommendations, such as adding or updating the account recovery options, turning on 2-step verification, etc
  • Ensure the password you created is strong and is not the same for multiple accounts; using the same password on various sites may be risky. 
  • The more apps you install on the device, the more unprotected it becomes. If your device has sensitive information, you must install only important apps and browser extensions. You should not install unknown apps or extensions from unknown sources. 
  • Hackers mostly use text messages, phones, emails, and web pages as these are coming from any institution, colleagues, or family members; you should avoid suspicious emails, requests, and web pages.

How to resolve Google couldn't verify this account belongs to you?

If Google can't verify that the account belongs to you, it could happen for several reasons. In that case, here are the steps you can follow to recover the account:

  • Go to the account recovery page on the Google website
  • Enter the registered Google email id and click on the 'next' button
  • As you cannot access the registered phone number, click 'Try another way.'
  • Google will provide some alternate methods to verify the account, such as using security questions.
  • Answer the question and follow the prompts to recover the account.

Why is Google not letting me verify my account?

If you are not able to verify the account, you may have to use a different phone number. Google does not let you verify the account if you use the same Google phone number for multiple accounts. In that case, you can either use the phone number of family or friends instead. You can also use the phone number from another phone carrier.

Can you bypass the "verify it's you" message by Google?

Yes! Here are the steps you can follow to bypass 'verify it's you':

  • Access the Google account first
  • Go to the 'security' section, choose the 2-step verification
  • Then click on the Turn off the verification option
  • A pop-up will appear to confirm 'Turn-off' verification; again, select 'Turn-off.

Why does Google keep asking me to verify it's me?

If you receive multiple verification codes, someone may be trying to access your Google account without permission. In that case, to protect the account, if someone tries to access the account, Google keeps asking to verify 'it's you.' To learn more, speak to Google customer service by calling the hotline. 

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