How do I turn in Facebook Dating

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Posted By: Aliza William

Learn essential tips and tricks to activate Facebook dating

Facebook dating is one of the best online dating apps that Facebook has developed. You can use it on your Android and iOS devices because of its user-friendly service and enjoy the facility to quickly meet and start a new conversation with your friends, family, and colleagues. Remember that you can't use this feature on your computer device. So, if you want to access Dating on your Facebook account, search for it by typing in the search bar and selecting Facebook Dating easily. But if you face any trouble, seek appropriate guidance to use it and fix the issue periodically. 

How do I activate Facebook Dating?

Currently, you can't find a web version of Facebook Dating, but you will get it from the Facebook mobile app on your Android and IOS. Hence, if you have searched Facebook Dating on your FB account, you will be asked to activate your Facebook Dating. But if you face any trouble activating your Facebook Dating, you must start with the steps the experts provided below.

  • First, go to the Facebook app on your device and select the Menu, which you will find at the top right of the screen.
  • Go to the search bar, where you will find the shortcut for accessing FB Dating by typing it into the search bar and scroll down to get more results.
  • Click on the Get Started option and follow the on-screen instructions to easily activate your FB Dating on your device.
  • Press Next and select the confirm button to start the dating on your device conveniently.  

How do I get Facebook Dating available?

When you need to check whether Facebook dating is available on your device or not, go to the search bar quickly. You must type Facebook Dating and press enter to find the result. You must use your Android or iOS device to get Facebook Dating; you can use it to share your important messages with your dearest one conveniently. 

Can your friends see you on Facebook dating?

No, if you use Dating on your device, your friends will not be able to see your conversation and daily activities that you do on this Facebook feature. So, when you use Dating to share your daily messages and chat with your selected friends, your friends won't be able to see you on Dating.  

How do I start swiping on Facebook dating?

You get a facility to set up your FB Dating profile by entering your first name, age, Gender, address, and job title and filling out the complete form. This process will provide you the option to start swiping on Facebook Dating effectively. 

Why is Facebook Dating not showing up?

If you experience an issue with Facebook Dating not showing up, check whether the first internet service is on. Sometimes, when you are in other regions where you can't find Facebook availability, the Facebook app doesn't have access to your location. This implies that when your Facebook dating cannot be accessed for any reason, you must check out the essential reasons and find a way to solve this issue promptly. 

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