How do I get the 6 digit code for Facebook?

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Posted By: Sofia Jonas

The 6-digit code for Facebook is primarily given to Facebook users at the time when you are logged out of your account, and with this particular code, you will be not only able to retrieve your account but also be able to proceed with two-step verification as it is one of the fundamental yet essential options to select and you will access account quite conveniently. However, if you need to learn the proper procedure, which is termed in reference to How do I get the 6-digit code for Facebook, then for such assistance, you need to get with the easy steps.

  • Open the official application of Facebook. 
  • Enter the username field and enter the login ID/username 
  • Now click the continue button and go to the password page, and there click forgot password 
  • Next, select the verification code tab, and you will get a text message with verification code on the registered phone number 
  • Finally, you could apply the code within the required field box, and you get a new page where you can create a new password or else start two-step verification.

Different ways to get a verification code of six digits on Facebook: If you are using the Facebook platform for your account access and that too for chat, videos, or photo sharing, but you have trouble logging into the account after a long time. Then, you should know the various ways by the help of which you get you receive a verification code of 6 digits. 

  • You primarily receive the verification code of a 6-digit text message (SMS)
  • Otherwise, you can also use a compatible device for support by tapping the security key.
  • You can also receive a 6-digit verification code while using a third-party application that you use with a Facebook account.

Why am I not getting my 6-digit code from Facebook?

If you aren't very fortunate enough to receive the code for verification purposes, then behind this, there might be any particular reason to know why am I not getting my 6-digit code from Facebook; according to this query, it is held when you have a spam folder enabled where the text messages are automatically being sent. However, to resolve such an obstacle, you are required to disable the spam folder.

What is the 6-digit code?

The 6-digit code is used to access the back of your Facebook account, and you again retrieve the password.

How can I get my Facebook login code?

To learn the proper setup for the Facebook login code, you have to get along with the basic steps, which are given below and you will access the services. 

  • Visit the Facebook application to select settings and privacy, and click settings. 
  • Here, choose the password and security tab and use the two-step authentication.
  • Click the recovery code and tap get new codes or show available codes.

How to get your Facebook two-factor authentication code?

The steps for Facebook's two-factor authentication code are simple: visit the application and tap the menu, then tap Settings and Privacy and click code generator, and you will get access to the two-step verification.

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