How do I File a complaint to Google?

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Posted By: Sofia Jonas

Having an account on Google is necessary nowadays as it will provide you access to multiple applications such as Docs, YouTube, Google Meet, etc. While making a Google account, you have to provide various information, and you can secure it by keeping a password on your account. From the time of making the Google account till using Google services, if you get any issues, such as a lost account, a hacked account, an application not working correctly, etc., you can also complain to them. While making the complaint, Google Customer Service will check it and provide you with information to resolve those complaints. If you do not have details on making the complaint over Google, they can go through them below. 

How do I file a complaint with Google?

There are different modes provided by Google using which you can complain to them, but it will help you if you use their complaint form; this is an online mode, so any user does not need to call any support team. If the customer wants to use the online option, they will need to follow the points below. 

  • Search for Google in your preferred browser
  • Following that, choose the help center section and tap over the menu icon
  • Further, select the submit feedback and complaint 
  • Doing that, a form will appear in which you have to fill out the complete issue.
  • Now you have to provide your contact information and send that form
  • The support team members of Google will give you all the solutions. 

What is the customer service number of the Google support team for complaints?

In case any users are unable to make the complaint through the official website or before making the complaint they want any assistance, then they can also approach the support team member of Google. The support team has all the information to help you using the Google services. If you want to make the complaint over a call, you have to call this Google phone number 6502530000 and then choose the language in which you want assistance. Then, from the IVR options, lect that which relates to the queries. 

Can I send my complaint over email?

Yes, you can also make the complaint over email; the email option will help you most. When you have any query-related documents to send your complaint over email or when you get a long call wait time issue while connecting over a call, To send an email, tap and then compose an email. After that, in that email, you have to mention your complete complaint with contact details. Then attach the documents related to that email and send them; within 24 to 48 hours of sending the complaint, you will get a response from the support team members. 

With the help of the information given above, you will know how to make a complaint to Google. Still, if any users want more details, go to the official website. The experts at Google are available 24 hours a day to provide you with real-time solutions to queries. 


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