[PROCESS] How Do I Reset my KrisFlyer Account?

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Posted By: Charles Lawvens

Singapore Airlines basically facilitates the KrisFlyer loyalty programs to willing passengers, and it has several benefits. Going with the KrisFlyer accounts, you can earn and redeem the available Miles points. But, when due to some issues, you cannot log in and want to know How do I reset my KrisFlyer Account easily to avoid such problems again. But, by the use of correct procedures, you can reset your KrisFlyer account password. However, some of the following steps are involved when you are looking to reset your KrisFlyer accounts conveniently.

  • Visit the Singapore Airlines official page: https://www.singaporeair.com/en_UK/sg/home#/book/bookflight or its associated Mobile App.
  • Click on the Log in option from the top right of the menu.
  • You can now mention the KrisFlyer number or Email and mention the old password.
  • Now, go with the Reset option and choose the Proceed button to make a strong password after resetting it.
  • You will receive OTP through SMS on the registered Phone Number.
  • Enter the same 6-digit number as OTP and click on the verify options.
  • Create a complex, strong password of your choice and you can enter it again to confirm the new password.
  • After the password is created, you should click on the submit button.
  • Thus, your KrisFlyer account will be reset, and you can Login again with a new password to verify it.

What To Do When I Lockout my KrisFlyer Accounts?

By mistake while Login if you have locked out the KrisFlyer accounts, do not overthink because it is common when you use your old or recent password. So, to Lockout of your KrisFlyer Account successfully, you should reset your password and make the complex strong new confidential to login accounts. You can simply use Singapore Airlines's original website or its digital App to reset the password. The particular link will be shared to your registered Email where you can refer to Locked out from the KrisFlyer accounts after resetting it successfully.

How Do I Reset My KrisFlyer Email?

In case you want to reset actual KrisFlyer account Email address, you can easily do it from the Mobile App or through the Singapore Home Page. Suppose you have any previous KrisFlyer number and want to replace it with a new Email ID; you can do it after following the below instructions carefully.
Reach on the Singapore Airlines website or Mobile App.

  • From the Login option, you can enter the old KrisFlyer number or previous Email ID and password.
  • Once your KrisFlyer accounts are open, you can go to the profile page.
  • You can now click on the view/edit Contact details.
  • Also, enter the new Email ID in the place of the old KrisFlyer number or old credentials.
  • Thus, you can reset your Email ID at KrisFlyer accounts.

How Do I Change my KrisFlyer Phone Number?

To change or update the Phone number details at the KrisFlyer program, you should contact the KrisFlyer Membership service center through the Online form and ask them to update your new Phone Number. Singapore Airlines executives will help you with updated Mobile Numbers for KrisFlyer accounts within 3 business days.

What are the additional benefits of using KrisFlyer accounts at Singapore Airlines?

Whenever you choose the KrisFlyer Singapore Airlines loyalty program, you will often see some benefits during the flight journey. The basic advantages of using KrisFlyer loyalty programs at Singapore Airlines are

  • You can get advanced seat selection options at a discounted rate.
  • Extra baggage allowance for KrisFlyer members for similar classes.
  • Extra Miles and add-on deals can be further used for Singapore flight services.

So, using the above correct procedures, you can reset your KrisFlyer account password and Email. You can also easily update your registered Mobile number by reaching out KrisFlyer memberships service center.

How Do I Recover my KrisFlyer Password?

When you try to book your flight using KrisFlyer but cannot access your account, you must enter a valid user ID and password. If you enter the wrong password and can't reach your account to fix it, you need to get help to recover your KrisFlyer account soon. So, if you forgot the password and didn't know how do I recover my KrisFlyer password, you need to get complete guidance and help for recovering the password and check out the Miles and points that you can redeem during a flight booking and other services conveniently. To avoid needless doubts, get started with the steps below.

  • First, visit the booking website of Singapore Airlines and go to the PPS Club/KrisFlyer option that you can find above on the same page.
  • Select KrisFlyer from the drop-down menu to ensure you have signed up for your account, and then click on the log-in button to access your account using its appropriate credentials.
  • Enter the email address and password to log in to your account,  but if you can't access it, go to the forgot password button and go to the next page smoothly.
  • If you are a member of the KrisFlyer, you will get permission to verify your account, enter a valid phone number, and get the verification code on your phone.
  • Enter the code to verify your account and get a link to reset or recover the password, enter the new password into both the new and confirm password fields, and log in to your KrisFlyer program. 

If you still face the same trouble after recovering your account and asking how to reset my KrisFlyer account, you are always free to contact a live person soon. Get a phone call, email, and live chat to connect with a live person who remains free to assist you soon.

How Does Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Accounts Login Work?

KrisFlyer is a type of loyalty program, and Singapore Airlines manages it as a priority. The basic working of the KrisFlyer loyalty program will let you earn and redeem miles to book Singapore flight tickets and get some other services like meals, and lounge at the Airport. You can get the KrisFlyer Miles after Login into the accounts with your registered Email and Password. Also, while handling the Singapore KrisFlyer program accounts, you need to know precise details about it for its easy usage.

Does your KrisFlyer Account Expire?

  • You may have queries about whether KrisFlyer accounts ever expire and what are its last deadlines. Normally, KrisFlyer accounts expire after some specific period, so you must use it completely to avail all the Singapore Airlines services. The expiration times for the Singapore KrsiFlyer program are different for both active and inactive accounts.
  • Active accounts: For the active accounts, the KrisFlyer accounts will last up to 36 months from the last activity month. After 36 months, the KrisFlyer accounts will be expired. 
  • Inactive accounts: Accounts in which no single active has been observed in the last 18 months will be referred to as inactive KrisFlyer accounts, and after 18 months, it will expire.

How Do I Update my KrisFlyer Profile?

To use the KrisFlyer accounts without any hindrance, you should keep each information on your profile page correct and updated. You can check whether your profile is updated and if not update it soon With the following required steps.

  • Visit the Singapore Airlines original website https://www.singaporeair.com/en_UK/sg/home or directly open the Mobile App.
  • Click on the Login options from the top of the menu options.
  • Log in to your KrisFlyer accounts with the available Email or Password.
  • When the KrisFlyer accounts are Login you can click on the Profile page.
  • Under the Profile Page, you have to choose the personal details.
  • You can now enter the new updated personal details like Email ID and Phone Number from the given options.
  • After entering all the correct information, your KrisFlyer accounts will update.

How Do I Find My KrisFlyer Membership Number?

KrisFlyer membership number consists of unique 10 digits, and it is also used to log in your accounts to get the Miles for Singapore Airlines services. But, if you are unaware of KrisFyer membership numbers and want details about it, you should fill in some of the details.

  • Initially, go to the Singapore Airlines website or Mobile App.
  • Choose the Login options and click on the Forgot KrisFlyer Membership Number.
  • Fill out some details like the given name and surname.
  • To complete the retrieving process, you need to enter your correct Date of Birth and registered Email ID.
  • Thus, you will receive the actual KrisFlyer Membership Number on your registered Email ID.
  • So, you can check your KrisFlyer account expiration, reset your password, or get a KrisFlyer membership Number with the above information. 

How Do I Change the Name on My Krisflyer Account?

Singapore Airlines requires all the PPS club and Krisflyer members to match their name on the membership account with their official passport name. The frequent flyer program can get you the sequential procedure to do so through the name change form at Singapore Airlines official website or on the following podiums:

Via Email Support- Send an email including your name change request in a brief description, provide a suitable subject, and attach any ID proof, mainly a passport, to help with the verification process. You can write down all the mentioned details with your personal contact information to KF_contact@singaporeair.com to get a response from someone. Once the email reflects upon the log servers, a consumer spokesperson will verify your documents, process the requested changes, and respond with a confirmation call or email. 

Via Phone Call- Krisflyer is a part of Singapore Airlines's customer service, and hence, any change or upgrade assistance regarding either the airline or the program is available on the sales and support helpdesk in Singapore. You can access the support executive by following the given steps:

Dial the helpline number for Krisflyer Update Personal Details: +65 6789 8777 and get connected with the registered IVR service pre-designed by a team of support executives after organizing a list of the most important FAQs for their official helpdesk forum.

The voicemail will start dictating numerous IVR menus for you to access the desired name change support with the help of virtual assistance. 

If you do not end up with a satisfactory conclusion after following the certain set of prompts, Press 9 to get a live agent from the Southwest Airlines Support team for Krisflyer-related queries.  

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