How long does it take Facebook to approve photo ID

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Sometimes, a Facebook user may ask to upload a photo for identity verification to continue using their account or when they like to access a Facebook account. This process might take some time, and there can be a number of questions on your mind for the same, which have been answered below. 

Does Facebook ask for photo ID to recover account?

Yes, Facebook does ask you to upload a photo ID to recover your account. This is for additional security reasons so that others do not violate the identity of a user. Once you upload a photo ID and the verification is completed, you will easily get access to your Facebook account. 

Why does Facebook need to verify my photo?

There are several reasons why Facebook requires you to verify your photo, such as identity confirmation, saving the community from possible scams & phishing. This measure of photo verification is necessary to ensure that the access to the requested account belongs to you and not some other Facebook user.

Here are key points listed for which Facebook needs photo verification:

  • So that one cannot use another’s identification to socialize on Facebook with a fake name or profile picture.
  • The account has been reported a number of times for impersonating someone else or other identification reasons. 
  • The user has uploaded content against Facebook rules and guidelines. 
  • Protecting users from scams and theft. 

How do I upload a photo to Facebook to verify my identity?

A user might find the “Please Confirm your Identity” option when they try to log in on their Facebook account. At this point, uploading a photo ID can help you verify your identity and access the account. For this, you have the following instructions to follow:

  • Tap on the given option of “Please Confirm your Identity” on the site,
  • On the new page, you can select the “Upload a photo ID” option,
  • As you select it, you will have options to access files from your device, drive, or Google account,
  • As per your suitability, you must select the option and then select the appropriate file to upload,
  • As the file loads on the page, you need to tap on the “Continue” button,
  • As the photo is reviewed and verified, you will receive a notification from Facebook and will be able to use your account. 

The key points that a person must keep in mind while uploading a photo to Facebook are listed here:

  • The photo must be clear so that the identification process can be done easily. 
  • You must provide the required size photo to Facebook.
  • For verification, choose to upload pictures of a photo ID card that mentions your name and DOB. 

How long does it take for Facebook to confirm your ID?

Facebook enables its existing users to authenticate their individual accounts or their pages by verifying their IDs. There are a number of users who wish to verify their profile and hence send an ID to Facebook. These users are often puzzled about the time consumed by Facebok to confirm Id. If you have also submitted your ID and are bothered, "How long does it take for Facebook to verify ID" then you must be aware that it might take 30 minutes up to 7 days to get your ID confirmed. Users must also be prepared to wait a little longer if their accounts have been blocked. After submitting the request Facebook holds the rights to accept or reject your request.  

How do I know if my ID was accepted by Facebook?

Once users send their ID to Facebook, they generally receive a confirmation-letter if their ID has been verified and accepted. This letter will comprise of code that must be inserted by the user on their account to get it verified. It must always be taken into account to set two-factor authentication to secure an account. 

What happens after submitting an ID to Facebook?

Once users submit their IDs online to Facebook, the files will be encrypted and stored carefully for verification. The IDs sent will not be displayed on the user profile. It must be taken into account that IDs sent to Facebook are reviewed both by automated system and manually. There are, in fact, trusted service providers that are hired by Facebook to verify user's IDs. Facebook stores IDs for at least one year to avoid misusing or theft. Users have the option to change this duration by navigating to the "identity confirmation" setting. Facebook even holds right to store the ID for a longer duration if users are submitting them for running ads for social media or political concerns. 

The procedure to send ID to Facebook to get accounts verified:

Users who are looking for a way to get their accounts verified simply need to fill out the online form. After they submit their requests, they will be responded to by auto-generated response. If you are not aware of the exact method of sending your ID to Facebook, then you must refer to the online steps mentioned below: 

  • Open the Facebook page via your browser.
  • Visit the help center page.
  • You will be displayed a link to verify your identity.
  • Do not forget to select your country. 
  • As the online form loads, users are expected to click on "get started."
  • First of all, set two-factor authentication, and then confirm your primary location.
  • Upload the images of Identification cards and specify them from the menu.
  • Review details and press submit. 
  • Soon, you will receive a Facebook automated response. 

ID's accepted by Facebook: 

Facebook accepts both Government and Non-governmental IDs specifying user's details to verify their accounts. Some of the common IDs must specify your actual name, date of birth, and recent photo. You can submit any of the following:

  • Passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Driving license
  • National Identity card
  • Employment verification certificate
  • Library card
  • Student card, etc. 

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