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Comprehensive Guide:  To unlock a Facebook account

Facebook is a widely used social media channel. Therefore, the services and functions available on these handles could be compelling to use. Further, these can be availed by forming an account on Facebook. However, these are volatile in use, so getting into trouble over here is quite evident, and many of them are related to a lock account. Moreover, if you are facing such issues, then you could get a pool of methods to rectify these problems. But, the ways get more challenging and limited as unlocking an account is processeded without ID proof. Hence, when you are willing to go on with such a requirement, then you can take a glance at the subheading.

Can you unlock a locked Facebook account?

Yes, the users are allowed to unlock a locked Facebook account, but you must know the specific reason for which it gets locked. To recover the account, you may be required to follow the instructions to complete the verification process and then change the password.

How to unlock a blocked Facebook account?

There are several methods available through which you can easily unblock a blocked Facebook account, but it might depend on the reasons why your account is blocked. Sometimes, you are unable to recover your account if it is blocked due to suspicious activity or illegal activity. 

  • To unlock a blocked Facebook account, you need to select a few friends whom you know in person.
  • After that, click on the option where Facebook sends the code to the selected friends for verification.
  • Now, you need to collect the codes from your friends and then use them to unlock the blocked account.

Is there another way to confirm my identity on Facebook?

Yes, there are ways to confirm identify on Facebook. Further, those modes could aid in compellingly recovering an old account. If you are confused about the ideas of using the same, then you can take a glance at the following titles.

Visit the help center page:- Facebook has a “Help Center” page that consists of problems with their resolutions. So, when you are willing to verify your account identity, then you can visit this page. Once you get there, you then choose “managing your account” and open the dropdown of the “Log in to your account” section. Further, you could get a list of queries that could include this question, too. 

Contact with customer service:- When you are unable to get through the technicality of the resolution shared over those contacts, then you can seek out the customer service team for a resolution. In order to perform this, you can choose the “report a problem” option from the help center page or select other available modes. As communication is formed, then you might acquire an appropriate resolution from them. 

Use phone or alternate email to receiver account:- While forming an account on Facebook, you get to share information such as contact numbers or email IDs. So, when you are unable to find your account and are willing to recover it, then you can use any of these to complete your requirements. 

Try forming a new account:- The ways displayed here could support the confirmation of the identity. But if you are unable to complete your requirement for an uncertain reason, then you can try forming a new account as a last resort.

How do I contact a locked Facebook account?

When the user is unable to get the six-digit code to recover the account on an email address or phone number, you should speak to the officials at 650-543-4800 and share the concern.

How long does it take to unlock a Facebook account without ID proof?

An unlocking of the Facebook account without an ID can performed over distinct methods. But you get your account back within the prescribed time, and that can be days or weeks, depending on the gravity of the problems. If your Facebook account is temporarily locked, then it lasts up to 24 to 48 hours; after this, you can unlock your account by following the instructions described in the given data. Suppose you are still unable to open your account then it is better to contact customer support.

Why is my Facebook account locked?

Facebook is the oldest social media platform that can be used for various purposes. Further, to access its benefits, one gets to form an account. But those accounts can cause trouble at a certain time, and one of the major accounts is locked. Further, you can determine the same by reading to the points. 

Posting inappropriate content:- Facebook is accessed by different communities and of different age groups. So, when anything posted carries obscene material or defames any person's identity, the officials can locate your account. 

Minor:- To use the function of Facebook, the user must have reached a certain age. You could be considered a minor if you do not fall into any of those categories. So, that account could be treated as the vocation of Facebook's standard policies, and it becomes subject to suspension.

For safety measures:- Facebook carries out delicate personal information, so it is more prone to offenses such as hacking and identity theft. If such activity is detected in your account, then your account could be locked as a protective measure.

How do I reset my locked Facebook account?

To recover the deactivated Facebook account, you may be required to follow the essential steps which are discussed below. Generally, they provide a number of ways to resolve the issues and complete your verification. Follow the given details.

  • Firstly, the user should visit the Facebook account page to unlock a blocked account.
  • Now, the Facebook user may be required to enter the email address or phone number and tap on the search icon to find your account.
  • The list of a few accounts will display on the screen, kindly choose your account.
  • You will see the options for how you want to get the code to reset the password, such as code by email or phone number.
  • They will send the six-digit either on a valid phone number or email address.
  • Enter the six-digit code into the form and then select the Continue tab.
  • The new page will open on the screen. Kindly type the new password in the given field box and then click on the Continue tab.
  • Try to log in to your account using a new password.

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