Why Can I Not Log into Match com? Recover Password

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Find Your Account Again: Match.com

Match.com is a subscription-based dating site used by males and females searching for their one true over, all across the globe. This dating service provider intends for you to meet your significant other, allowing a new chapter to begin. Sign up, buy a subscription, and complete your profile to open the doors of love and connection with match.com.

Why Can I not Log into Match.com?

Rightly said, Love cannot be arranged but only found, and there should be no unexpected interruptions in such a feeling. You might come across such shortcomings while using match.com as well. If you are Unable to Sign In match com, it might happen on the following accords: 

  1. Check your subscription details to find the date of expiry, as your match.com account gets disabled the moment your subscription is over.
  2. Match.com holds every right to deactivate your account for any misuse of data or match.com’s services.
  3. The platform also restricts or removes your account for the use of foul language in the comment section or with a person.
  4. Your sign-in details don’t match your sign-up information, especially your email address and password. 
  5. If your account is not being accessed for very long, match.com will block your account.

How Do I Get Back on Match.com?

Finding love is not easy, but the process can be. And if you’re wondering How to reactivate your match.com account since you still haven’t found the love of your life? Stop toggling to different sites and find the way to get back on match.com in some simple steps:

  1. If you’re unable to operate your match.com account, dial their customer support team on the dedicated hotline number (800) 926-2824 and listen to the autotune in process.
  2. Follow the IVR prompts to achieve your desired solution.
  3. Or, to seek a live agent’s help, Press 2, then 5, then 2.

How Do I Reactivate My Account from the Match.com Website?

Everything is ready for service at your fingertips with the help of the internet and impeccably growing technology. If an affair as pure as love can be brought online to you, guess what can not? There are people you meet online but can't meet in real life. To keep the love-finding process going, you may reactivate your account from the match.com website using a simple set of instructions.

  1. Sign in to your match.com account with your verified credentials
  2. If your subscription is not over or has expired yet, there appears an option right next to it that says reactivate button on your profile. 
  3. By simply clicking on the reactive button, you can get back to your match.com account. 
  4. If your subscription has expired, buy a new plan for further use. 
  5. Upon re-activating your account, confirm the email address and a password window will appear on your screen.
  6. Reset your password by clicking Match.com reset password or confirm your current password and Finish.

Rest assured, in the time being when you can’t access your account. Your profile is kept anonymous and inactive for the public at match.com. Your love journey begins at the right place with match.com.

How Do I Get Unblocked from Match?

Did you enter the wrong password for your Match account? Here’s what you can do to get someone from Match.com to unblock your account. Go through the given set of procedures:

Get a consumer spokesperson on call: To call a human for live support to unblock your match account,

  • Dial the dedicated call center for Matchcom at 800-926-2824 to get a live person from Match.com's Customer Service support team. 
  • The helpline number will go to autotune once the call is connected. 
  • Hear the prompted procedure and the respective IVR number for multiple services they provide. 
  • Once you’re done listening to the autotune, follow the IVR menu and PRESS 6 to connect with a representative.
  • You can expect an average hold time of 16 minutes to connect to a human.

‘Submit a Request’ at Match for Furtherance: Matchcom takes all their customer queries, complaints and suggestions via a single form. You may reach their designated customer support via email at support@matchmyemail.com to get a response from an executive at Match. Or, go to the curated ‘Submit a request’ form by following the given method:

  • Go to the official Help page: https://help.match.com/hc/en-us and locate the Contact Us section. 
  • Find the form hyperlink tab given below the main dialogue box. 
  • Use the link to reach the designated form. 
  • Fill in all the contact credentials carefully, especially your zip code and email address.
  • Write down your request to unblock your Matchcom account in the following description box. 
  • Use the ‘attachment’ box to add any documents in relevance to your query. 
  • Send the letter and press Submit.
  • Log into your ‘chat with us’ page at Match: Matchcom customer support is also available on their Live Chat window between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Central Time. Monday through Friday.

Why am I Locked Out of Matchcom?

Matchcom blocks your account under the following situations:

  1. Check if your Matchcom subscription has expired. If so, your account is stopped automatically. 
  2. If you’ve been found or reported doing suspicious activities as per the terms and conditions of the website.
  3. If you enter an incorrect password more than 15 times in the 20 min interval, your account is blocked for a suspicious login attempt. 
  4. If you haven’t attempted to log into your account for a very long period, your account is deactivated temporarily from Match display. 

How do you know if someone has blocked you on Matchcom?

If someone blocks you on Match, you can no longer see their profile or any communication you had. Match restricts every activity of the blocked and blocking party towards each other. 

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