How Can I Change my Name on Oman Air?

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During the process of reserving your flight seat with Oman Air, if you have mistakenly misspelled your name on the flight ticket, then don't worry; you can surely get it modified if you wonder, “How can I change my name in Oman Air?” well there are several ways through which you can make the respective changes to your name. To gather the details, you can go through the information noted below. 

  • Change your name through a phone- to modify the name that appears on the Oman Air flight ticket; you can call the airline customer support and ask the agent in the call to make the requested changes to the name that appeared on the ticket.
  • Make the changes through the website - after failing to speak to the Oman Air person through a phone call, you can make changes to your name through the website. Enter your flight details and choose the name change option. You can modify it there, and the agent will make the respective changes and provide you with the upgraded ticket.
  • At the Airport - you can visit the Oman Air help desk available at the Airport to speak to the live person at the counter to make the changes to your name appearing on the flight ticket. 

What is Oman Air's Name Change Policy?

Before heading to modify your name, go through the Oman Air Name Correction Policy points mentioned beneath and get acknowledged. 

  • Make the changes to your Oman Airline flight ticket within the risk-free period to avoid paying th name correction fee to the Airline.
  • The Airline allows you to change up to 3 misspelled characters in your name.
  • To make certain changes to your name, you must provide a valid government document to the assistant at Oman Air.
  • If there have been changes to your last name after marriage, you can change it by providing the Airline with relevant documentation.
  • You can not completely change the spelling of your name on the flight ticket.

How Much Must I Pay for the Oman Air Name Change Fee? 

Suppose you have modified your name within 24 hours of your flight booking time. In that case, the Airline will not charge you the Oman Air Name Correction Fee, but if you have corrected your name within the risk period, then you have to pay the fee to the Airline, which is normally between $50 to $200 depending in the correcting you have made.

Can I change my flight in Oman Air?

Yes, you can change flights to Oman Air. Further, when you get to change a flight, then you have to go by certain terms and conditions listed by the airline. Moreover, when you are competent to carry out those procedures, then you can select modes offered by airlines and complete tasks conveniently. 

How to change Oman Air Ticket Date?

The traveling plan organized on Oman Air gets shifted to other states, and then you can change your plan, too. In order to conduct these procedures, you could get several modes for the same, and the details about those can be acknowledged from the topics below.

Give a ring to Oman Air for a change

A complicated process for a change can be overcome by getting through the live person in the airline over a call. Further, over a call, you get to share the asked information and then pay the cost of your change. Thus, the Oman Air phone number is 201 205 2115, and then chooses the “flight change” option from the IVR menu. 

Change your ticket date online

A call to change a ticket date could impose an add-on fee, but those can be discarded by using an online mode. In this manner, you get to carry out the procedure on your own, and the step-by-step process in relation to this has been displayed at the bottom:-

  • Go to the Oman Air official site
  • Now, choose “manage booking” icon
  • Later on, enter the booking reference number with the surname
  • On the next tab, choose Change date from the dashboard
  • Then, choose a date from the list and click on the next icon
  • Further, pay the cost of change, if any, and click on the confirm icon
  • Once you complete the procedure then, confirmation can be received by email. 

What is the cost of changing the date on Oman Air?

A date on Oman Air can be changed without spending any penny, but the procedure has to be conducted within the risk-free period. However, when you do not qualify for any of those circumstances, then you could have to pay change fees as per routes and fare types. Moreover, the estimated cost for Oman Air ticket date change fee is from $40 to $260

What is Oman Air's Flight Change Policy?

A flight can be switched on Oman Air as per the statutory provisions they laid out. Further, you can encounter those rules in the Oman Air Flight Change Policy, which have been defined at the bottom:- 

  • A purchase of a flight has been performed at least seven days before its scheduled departure then a change can be initiated for free within 24 hours.
  • When this period lapses, then a penalty could be imposed for a change. 
  • If you are holding a “flexible fare,” then you could get an unlimited flight change for free.
  • A multi-city booking with no additional product and group reservation might not be competent to make changes online.
  •  If a flight has been shifted to another date by the airlines for a reason that is within controllable jurisdiction, then you can select the next date without paying an additional cost.
  • A reason for a change is illness or medical emergency. Then, you could be excluded from paying an extra charge, but the documents about this need to be submitted to the airline for approval. 
  • When a ticket has been booked with the travel agent, then a change could be procured through them, not the airline. 

Final Takeaway

So, the heading described above could make you aware of changes in Oman Air. If there is something that is not covered here, then you can speak with their customer service and get a resolution.

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