How do I file a claim with Delta Airlines?

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Posted By: Sofia Jonas

There can be multiple occasions where travelers wish to file a Delta lost baggage claim after completing their trip with this air carrier. Travelers who encounter loss of luggage often get puzzled about the situation, and  Those customers who are searching for an answer to the question "How do I make a Delta claim?" must note that they need to fill out the claim form online, making use of the series of instructions described below: 

  • Go to Delta Airlines website.
  • Navigate to the online claim form section.
  • You need to type in all the details.
  • Proper information regarding bags must be filled in.
  • Once you link the documents that support your cause, review the filled details.
  • Finally, press the checkbox and press the submit button. 

How do I make a Delta claim? 

Apart from filling out the online form, customers can also make claims by contacting Delta customer service. They must make sure that they have all the validating documents to make a claim. They can make a call to customer service, handle their details, and register a claim. 

How long does it take Delta to respond to a complaint?

There are many customers who, after complaining to Delta Airlines, have the same question: "How long does it take Delta to respond to a claim"? Usually, Delta Airlines acknowledges the emails sent to customer services within 24 hours. If customers write and send their complaints as a letter, then they might have to wait up to 30 days of receipt to get their complaints acknowledged and approximately 60 days to get proper attention towards their complaints. 

What is the phone number for Delta complaint? 

It is not always mandatory to write and send your complaint to Delta; customers also have the option to make a phone call to get their problem registered. Though there are different phone numbers as per different concerns, General complaints can be placed by making a call to a toll-free phone number: 1-800-221-1212. The call be attended to by a representative handling that complaint after the callers follow all the instructions. Helpful assistance can be acquired by mentioning the problem. 

What happens when you file a complaint with Delta?

Once customers file complaints to Delta Airlines, the complaint will be registered with customer service, who will work on the issue and handle customers with the most suitable solution. 

Where do I file a complaint against Delta Airlines? 

Travelers who have already completed their trip with Delta Airlines and are not happy with the experience have the opportunity to file a complaint against this air carrier by filling out the form. 

  • Visit Delta Airline's website.
  • Turn to the "Help Centre" section.
  • You will soon find the option " comments and complaints."
  • As you get the link to load the online form, press the button.
  • Next, you must enter the passenger's name and ticket number to find the reserved ticket. 
  • All the details marked with stars must be presented carefully.
  • Link the documents that support your complaint.
  • Use the message box to brief up your complaint.
  • Press the submit button.

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