How to use Delta eCredits Vouchers?

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Posted By: Sofia Jonas

How to use Delta eCredits & Vouchers to Book New Flights?

Have you earned vouchers or eCredit points on booking a Delta flight? These points and vouchers can be further used to book a new Delta flight. Now, you may ask, How to use Delta eCredits & Vouchers to Book New Flights? Yes, booking through vouchers and credit points is different from regular booking, but do not worry; here is step-by-step guidance for you to book Delta flights using your earned points: 

  • Visit the 
  • Now, use your credit card or SkyMiles account number to find the eCredit or Vouchers. 
  • Enter the voucher number or select the eCredit points and proceed with the simple booking process. 
  • Just confirm your purchase, make the remaining payment (if there is any), and receive the confirmation mail from Delta. 

How do I use my Delta voucher number?

The passengers who booked their ticket with Delta previously may have received vouchers. The passengers can redeem these vouchers later to make a new reservation with the airline to avail of discounts. For this, you need to visit the After reaching here, just follow the on-screen instructions and book your ticket with the airline using these vouchers. Travel agencies, other travel websites, or airlines cannot redeem these vouchers. 

How do I use my Delta eCredit number?

Using a credit card to make the payment can get you extra benefits. Collect points by using a card to make the payment and use it later to book a new flight. Refer to question number one to know how to book a ticket using the Delta credit number. 

Where do I enter the Delta credit voucher?

The passengers will have to enter the Delta voucher number at page to use the vouchers to book a flight with Delta Airlines. 

How to Find Your Delta eCredits & Vouchers?

Are you worried about How to find Delta eCredits &Vouchers? Delta eCredits and Vouchers can be found easily using the credit which was used to make the payment for the original ticket, ticket number of SkyMiles Account Number. 

How to redeem Delta eCredits and Vouchers?

Passengers can redeem the earned points and vouchers at To get a detailed idea regarding this, you can refer to the question number one. 

How to Book Multiple Travelers using Delta eCredits?

To book multiple travelers through Delta eCredits, you will have to join their agent for booking; if you want to know how do I contact Delta about credit booking for numerous travelers, read below: 

  • Dial 800-532-4777 and connect with the agent.
  • Talk to the agent and provide the Credit number. 
  • The agent will apply for group booking on your behalf and send you the details. 

What are the best ways to use Delta eCredits?

  • Book a new flight using Delta eCredits. 
  • Upgrade your seat for free using the eCredit points. 
  • Passengers can add extra baggage to their travel if they have enough eCredit points.

Can you use a Delta voucher for baggage?

Yes, Delta vouchers can be used to avail of different services of the airline, which include baggage. You can add extra luggage to your travel using vouchers. 

How do I contact Delta about Credit?

Passengers who have any doubts related to Delta credit can connect directly with their agent at Delta phone number 1 (800) 221-12,12, and their representative will help you resolve your query. 

Can you transfer your Delta credit to someone else?

Yes, the vouchers and credit points will expire within one year from the date of issue. If your points are about to expire, you can transfer them to another passenger of Delta Airlines. You can connect to Delta customer service for more information on this topic.  

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